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Making THE Difference in the Fight Against Breast Cancer in Women of Color

Thriving Angel's Network
As a breast cancer survivor, do you sometimes feel you need a little support or someone to talk to who understands your situation right where you are in your journey? Then the “Thriving Angel's Network,” was uniquely designed just for a survivor like you. Finding your “new normal” can often times be tough, but the right support and a trusting platform can make a world of difference while engaging with survivors, co-survivors, family members and industry expterts.

Come join Faith Over Fear Inc. in partnership with Surviving the Odds Inc., and Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at Research Medical Center as we host monthly support groups through our “Thriving Angel's Network!”

The “Thriving Angel's Network,” is a community support network of women who are learning to live well beyond breast cancer. We are no longer just breast cancer survivors we are “Thrivers” who may need a little support. The “Thriving Angel's Network” is designed as a platform support group discussions on various topics, to ask questions, and to learn how to live and thrive beyond breast cancer. Tough times require strong faith, because this too shall pass. We are determined to help each other thrive instead of survive.

For more information call 816-398-3635.