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​​Surviving The Odds is like no other organization I know of in Kansas City. The compassion and assistance that was offered to me helped me get through what could have been the most devastating moment in my life. I am abundantly grateful for all they do. ~

​​T. Lewis Kansas City, MO
Clinical Breast Exams (CBE) Education: Self-examination for breast cancer requires instruction by competently trained individuals. STO utilizes trained medical professionals and paraprofessionals who will make their volunteer services available through our workshops, seminars and community conversations.

Mammogram and Pap Test: STO has partnered with other facilities to offer breast and cervical exam opportunities for women who are uninsured or underinsured through Show Me Healthy Women in Missouri and Early Detection Works in Kansas. These are free screenings for women who meet the age and eligibility requirements.  Click here for more information.

Solace: As a breast cancer survivors, sometimes we need a little support or someone to talk to who understands your situation right where you are in your journey? The “Thriving Angel's Network,” was uniquely designed you in mind. Finding your “new normal” can often times be tough, but the right support and a trusting platform can make a world of difference while engaging with survivors, co-survivors, family members and industry experts on life after cancer. Click here for more information 

GPS (Patient Navigation Services): STO will provide certified patient navigators to assist with the quality and equity of care they receive along their journey. The purpose of the patient navigator's activity is to assist patients with making informed decisions, to effectively connect the patient with the available resources to assist while on the journey of survivorship  and to guide them through the breast cancer system for a stress free experience demonstrating a positive outcome.  Our network of lay, medical, financial and support navigators are professionally trained to successful address the needs of the patient.

At Your Finger Tips: Educational materials explaining the sub-type of breast cancer, preventative care, diagnoses, treatment, and survival will be distributed wherever breast health is a topic of discussion, including various public forums such as community discussions, health fairs, on college campuses, and those hosted by other non-profit organizations. 

Physician Search: Our members will have complete access to our database which contains the Metropolitan's most widely sought out physicians, breast surgeons and plastics surgeons. These physicians have not only been researched but come highly recommended by other cancer survivors and they possess extensive experience in the field of breast cancer and breast health and have partnered up with STO to provide excellence in quality service. 
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